THINKTech Research Center

Non-profit Ltd.

Intelligent Multi-Modal Knowledge Center

The project was led by AITIA International Inc. The task of THINKTech - as a subcontractor - was the research and development of the speech recognition module.

Mindroom - Multimedia Content-based Advertising

The role of THINKTech - as an owner and a subcontractor of the Mindroom Project Company - was the elaboration of multilingual and topic specific speech recognition models. For more information, see

Intelligent Customer Service

The project is led by Montana Inc. and hosted by Vodafone. THINKTech's duty (as a subcontractor) was the elaboration and optimization of task specific Hungarian language speech recognition models. Additionally, the speech recognition decoder was enhanced in terms of memory efficiency and speed.

LVCSR-based Speech Analytics

Our task was to develop an experimental telephone speech monitoring system that automatically transcribes call-center conversations. Based on the automatic transcriptions, topic identification, operator qualification and other information extraction application have been developed.

Our R&D results are already applied in several industrial services. For more information, please, contact us or our partners.